29 reasons to host a corporate retreat in Costa rica


29 reasons to host a corporate retreat in Costa rica


29 reasons to host a corporate retreat in Costa rica




May 29, 2024

Beautiful waterfall

If you are looking to host a team-building event that is both entertaining, relaxing, rewarding, and memorable, a visit to the local bowling alley just won’t cut it. When you start thinking outside the box, you can find opportunities that may not only surprise your team but also yourself―like a corporate retreat in beautiful Costa Rica, for example.

why bring your team to costa rica?

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Costa Rica is its beautiful nature and biodiversity. You may envision sloths hanging in the trees, monkeys jumping from branch to branch, and birdlife all around. Or perhaps you picture a perfectly brewed coffee from freshly ground beans. Costa Rica offers all that and so much more.

Hosting a corporate retreat in Costa Rica might seem like a lot of work, but it actually makes a lot of sense—here are 5 reasons why.

1. Easy Travel

Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The country has two airports that receive international flights; Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela (SJO) and the International Airport Daniel Oduber in Liberia, Guanacaste (LIR.) The quickest flight from the United States to Costa Rica is the direct flight from MIA to SJO which takes 2h 53m. Direct flights to Costa Rica depart from Atlanta, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and New York, among other destinations.

Traveling to Costa Rica doesn’t require multiple flying days, long layovers, or pulling all-nighters at the airport. Your team also won’t have to deal with jetlag since Costa Rica is in the same or very similar time zone as the United States.

2. Easy Access

As of April 2022, the vaccine mandate and all other COVID-related entry and travel restrictions have been suspended. Even when not everyone in your group is (fully) vaccinated against COVID-19, you can still travel to Costa Rica together. Entering Costa Rica is pretty much the same as how it used to be before the pandemic. Travelers are no longer required to show immigration officials their health pass, travel insurance, QR code, or negative COVID-19 test.

You will need a return ticket to show that you won’t stay more than 90 days which is the allowed length of stay in Costa Rica for tourists.

3. Safe Destination

According to the latest Global Peace Index update, Costa Rica is considered the safest country in Latin America. Traveling around the country is considered safe—whether in a car, bus, or licensed taxi. The same rules you would follow at home would apply to Costa Rica; beware of your surroundings and be mindful of the objects you leave visible in your parked car.

When bringing your team to Costa Rica, you can be assured that everyone will have a safe and fun experience. You can book any tours and team-building activities through your tour operator to ensure that you will be working with qualified and professional tour companies only.

4. Bilingual Population

Exploring a new country is always exciting, but it can also be stressful when you don’t speak the local language. Dealing with taxi drivers, making restaurant reservations and booking activities can become a challenge when you don’t speak the same language and words get lost in translation.

In Costa Rica, the official language is Spanish but English is widely spoken in hotels, restaurants, and stores located in tourist destinations. Your team should have no problem communicating with local people. Depending on where you book your corporate retreat, your contact person might be able to help schedule airport transfers and make reservations for you.

5. Something for Everyone

Costa Rica is a small country, measuring 19,700 square miles or 51,100 square kilometers. To put that into context, the country is a bit smaller than West Virginia and just slightly bigger than the European country Denmark. Although it’s small, Costa Rica’s diverse habitats harbor some of the richest flora and fauna in the world.

Beaches, mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, rainforests, cloud forests—Costa Rica has it all. Regardless of what your team might be interested in, there is somewhere in Costa Rica where they can go to do it. From coffee tours, chocolate workshops, and yoga classes to more adventurous activities such as hiking, white water rafting, or canopying, Costa Rica offers something for everyone.

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

14 team-bonding activities in manuel antonio

Manuel Antonio is located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. Known for its lush jungle and pristine beaches, it is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and an ideal setting for a corporate retreat. Manuel Antonio is a 2.5-3 hour drive from the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) or a quick 20-minute flight. Driving from International Airport Daniel Oduber (LIR) to Manuel Antonio will take 4-5 hours. When hosting a corporate retreat here, you will have easy access to Manuel Antonio National Park, along with great team-building activities and outdoor sports.

The following 14 activities are popular among tourists and make for excellent team-building events.

1. Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is home to exotic wildlife including sloths, monkeys, raccoons, coatis, anteaters, birds, and reptiles. In addition to spotting wildlife, your team will be able to enjoy the beach, go for a swim, and explore the trails with a professional tour guide.

2. Ziplining Canopy Tour

Ziplining is a thrilling adventure that allows you to soar through the treetops of the forest while enjoying spectacular views. It’s also a great way to build lasting bonds among team members.

3. Catamaran Tour

If you think the area is pretty from the shore, you should see it from the sea. Treat your team to a sailing trip and admire the white sand beaches, and tropical rainforest, and–if you’re lucky enough–you will see dolphins and whales along the way.

4. Sport Fishing

Manuel Antonio has been ranked as one of the world’s top places to fish by leading sport fishing magazines. When you take your team sport fishing, you will enjoy great views, learn about our local sea life, and you can run a friendly competition of who catches the first and biggest fish.

5. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding will teach your team many valuable lessons including patience, discipline, compassion, and dedication. Each guest will be matched with a horse depending on their abilities. Wildlife sightings are common and include monkeys, coatis, macaws, and toucans.

6. Surfing

Learning how to surf takes courage, dedication, patience, and practice. Manuel Antonio offers professional surf instruction and a supportive learning environment. Watching your coworkers tackle their fears and test their balance will increase respect and connectivity.   Hop on your board and enjoy a fun-filled and fully customized class with professional instructors.

7. Whitewater Rafting

There are few activities as naturally suited for team building as whitewater rafting. It requires communication, encourages camaraderie, and strengthens relationships. White water rafting is a uniquely thrilling experience that will surely get the adrenaline flowing.

8. ATV Off-Road

Get off the beaten track and into the jungle during a guided ATV off-road trip. Drive through lush rainforests, streams, and along rivers. There will be a break during which your team can hike to a waterfall and dip into a natural pool. The tour ends with a traditional Costa Rican lunch.

9. Jungle Night Tour

Team building activities aren’t limited to daytime, and neither is spotting wildlife. Once the sun sets, you and your team will venture into Manuel Antonio’s forest to look for nocturnal wildlife such as tree frogs, snakes, mammals, insects, and other creatures.

10. Nauyuca Waterfall

Costa Rica has many beautiful waterfalls but the most spectacular might be the Nauyaca Waterfall; a two-tiered waterfall with multiple natural pools. Options to visit the waterfalls include hiking, horseback riding, and driving a 4x4 vehicle.

11. Vanilla Spice Tour

Set just outside Manuel Antonio, the Vanilla Spice Plantation consists of 27 acres of agriculture production and 125 acres of forest. You will use all of your senses to navigate the farm while identifying an interesting variety of spices, essential oil plants, and tropical ornamental plants.

12. Jet Skiing

Let’s be honest, how many teams do you know who have gone jet skiing as their team-building exercise? Your team will have an absolute blast as they fly over the water. The adventure includes a  break to snorkel and spot the underwater life that characterizes the coast of Manuel Antonio.

13. Canyoning and Rappelling

Rappelling tours are a fun and exciting way to experience some of Costa Rica’s most magnificent landscapes. A professionally trained guide will ensure your team is safe as they descend through the various rappels. No prior experience is necessary.

14. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving might just be the ultimate team-building exercise. The buddy system pairs two or more divers together and has them look out for each other during the dive. Communicating is one thing but communicating underwater is an entirely different skill.

Feel inspired? Read more about popular team-building activities in Manuel Antonio.

Whitewater rafting is a great activity for adventurous teams who like to tackle challenges together.

10 reasons to bring your team to villa costa vida

Villa Costa Vida is one of the newest and most luxurious large vacation homes in Manuel Antonio. Because of its convenient location, spectacular views, and spacious indoor and outdoor areas, the villa has become a highly sought-after venue for corporate retreats, celebrations, reunions, and milestone events. Here are some of the reasons why companies choose us.

1. Location

Manuel Antonio is a great place to host your corporate retreat because there are plenty of nearby activities for you and your team to enjoy. The fourteen above-mentioned activities can all be enjoyed near Villa Costa Vida. Beaches, restaurants, a gym, a spa, and a yoga studio are all located within walking distance.


Oh yes, the views—you never get bored of the stunning views from the villa. Villa Costa Vida is tucked into the rainforest above the Manuel Antonio National Park, offering unmatched views of green vegetation and all shades of blue of the Pacific Ocean.

3. Space

With 11,000 sqft of interior and exterior living space, the villa can accommodate up to 34 people. We are currently expanding the main villa to add space for 23 more guests, including a penthouse suite, conference room, and elevator. As of 2023, the villa will sleep up to 57 guests.

4. Common Areas

The villa has a spacious living area, kitchen, and dining room, an infinity pool, a game room, balconies, and an open-air patio. There are plenty of common areas within the villa where your team can work, brainstorm ideas, or just hang out together.

5. Privacy

Although Villa Costa Vida is ideal to host large gatherings, we understand that your guests value their privacy. Our comfortable bedrooms are set up hotel-style with locks, clean and modern bathrooms, and individual air conditioners which make them perfect for some quiet time.

6. Exclusive

When you reserve Villa Costa Vida for your retreat, the property is exclusive to you and your guests. Starting in 2023, guests will be able to rent our main villa together with our brand-new villa tower. There might be times when the main villa and villa tower will be rented by two different parties. In this case, your group won't share common areas with other guests.

7. Conference room

As of 2023, Villa Costa Villa will have an air-conditioned conference room. Fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, tables, and chairs with seating for 20 people (or more if necessary), you and your guests can hold professional corporate meetings in a private setting. Of course, high-speed wifi is available throughout the villa.

8. Staff

Stay at Villa Costa Vida (or read our customer testimonials) and you will realize that our highly dedicated staff is what truly sets us apart. From our experienced concierge, 24/7 emergency response contact, and housekeeping staff, to the private chefs, bartenders, and yoga instructors, we work with the best in the business.

9. Ease

For your convenience, our concierge can arrange airport transfers, schedule activities, and arrange workshops and catering services. We make the process easy and seamless. You can take your focus off the details and put the focus on what you came to do—reward your corporate team.

10. Pricing

Maybe you are worried that hosting a company retreat in Costa Rica will break your budget. At Villa Costa Vida, we work with you to plan an affordable retreat that your team will enjoy and that your budget will allow. Contact us with your preferences and we will put together an itinerary that guarantees a memorable retreat.

These are just 10 of the reasons why companies choose Villa Costa Vida to host their company events and corporate retreats. Whatever your reasons may be, we sincerely hope that you choose Villa Costa Vida as the location for your next corporate retreat or team-building trip.

start planning your corporate retreat at villa costa vida

If you would like to learn more about hosting a retreat at Villa Costa Vida, please contact our team with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your business. Together, we can plan a truly unforgettable retreat that will bring your team closer together. We can be reached by email at villacostavida@gmail.com, by phone at +1 (757) 644-5611, or by Whatsapp at +506 8915-8547.

Villa Costa Vida in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.