Where the Jungle Meets the Sea…

Villa Costa Vida in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is indeed a stunning location for a wellness retreat. Its proximity to the rainforest and coastline provides an ideal natural setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The villa's serene ambiance, coupled with its spacious layout, makes it a great location for a meditation retreat. Guests can immerse themselves in mindfulness practices and find inner peace in the tranquility of the surroundings.


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We will gladly accommodate your request for a session from a local instructor to bring you through a routine of your choice!


Do we have a gym?

We currently do not have a gym at our rental. However, we do offer a membership package, with a local gym, 5 minutes down the road.

Do we have gym?

Our Guests Say

Explore the place, the best quality of services, and facilities for all your vacation and place needs.

Lidia Tadesse

Testimonial 4

"The views were amazing along with the wildlife we were able to see from the house".

Shellee Parenteau

Testimonial 3

" We cannot say enough about the space..."


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